Adlestrop to Austerlitz:
Literary Perspectives on Europe’s Railway Stations

Lunch Talk am 20. März 2023, mit Dr. Margit Dirscherl, LMU (Referentin) und Prof. Dr. Patrick McGuinness, Oxford/CAS Fellow (Respondent) am CAS der LMU München. Teilnahme nur mit Anmeldung, an info@cas.lmu.de. 
Center for Advanced Studies, Seestr. 13, Munich - 20. März 2023, 12.00-13.30

Meetings, Missed Meetings and Diversions:
Train Poetry and Railway Station Literature

Patrick McGuinness presents a mixture of lecture and reading on train literature, specifically train poetry, based on his own essays about train travel and his poetry and prose about rail lines, commuting, train-consciousness, as a uniquely rich fund of experience. In particular, he will address the unique status of the railway as a place of meetings and non-meetings – of meetings and ‘missings’ –, and consider train travel as an essential part of the modern experience.

The French word for rail connection is ‘correspondance’ – something Baudelaire must have had in mind when he wrote his famous poem ‘Correspondances’: the dream of coherence in an incoherent world.

Center for Advanced Studies, Seestr. 13, Munich - 23. März 2023, 18.00-19.00

Demnächst erscheint:
Das Erbe von Humanismus und Aufklärung in der Exilliteratur

Gemeinsam herausgegeben mit Arturo Larcarti und Ritchie Robertson, Königshausen & Neumann 2023.